Tied to Tide


Tied to Tide

Tied to Tide is an artwork in a constant state of flux, endlessly transforming with the elemental forces of Sydney Harbour.

The work adopts the language of site’s boardwalk timbers and maritime ladders. Free of their prosaic constraints, they play with, rather than stand against, nature.

The eight identical elements are hinged to the boardwalk and connected by floats to the water. They translate the eternal return of the tides as the high tide lowers the beams and low tide raises them skyward. The artwork bobs gently on calm waters, dances staccato in a choppy swell and is activated ‘Mexican-wave’ style by the wash of passing boats.

Counter-balanced, maritime-red ladders pivot at the end of the paired timber arms. They act as a barometer of the harbour’s local winds, swaying in the breeze or turning through 360 degrees in strong gusts.

Pyrmont Point Park, Sydney Harbour
Hardwood timber, stainless steel, fibreglass, aluminium
8 units x 10 metres long
The Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority

2000 ARUP Award for Art in the Built Environment, NAWIC

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