Storm Waters


Storm Waters

Two water staircases, set at 45-degree angles, are embedded into embankments on either side of Joynton Park in Victoria Park, Sydney. Expectations of gravity are subtly defied as water falls diagonally down the stairs.

Storm water, once polluted and relegated to the drains, is purified, recycled and returned to the surface to ‘play’. The installation is an integral component of Victoria Park’s environmentally sustainable water treatment process. The artwork employs stormwater harvested in on-site biofiltration swales, treated with electromagnetic filtration and aerated as it falls down the stairs.

Joynton Park, Victoria Park Development, South Sydney
Precast and formed concrete, bronze, water
2 x 20 metres wide
Landcom NSW

2003 Planning NSW Award for Design NAWIC, 2003 Lloyd Rees Civic Award Public Art RAIA, 2003 Environment Award Public Art RAIA

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