Shifting Ground


Shifting Ground

“…ladders, cables, tree trunks and the cage from an old lift performing like a grand buffoon of an object- nervously tilting and screeching to no apparent purpose.. Forces underfoot - the unpredictable movements of small waves under the harbourside jetty have been harnessed through a system of cables and pulleys to create a new kind of movement overhead…. A series of nostalgic objects strung together and powered by one of the sources of energy to which we’ve long been blind. We are accustomed to thinking that the machine divorces us from nature. This thing gives us a jolt. Breathing ladders, tidal furniture. Are we here being given the opportunity to rediscover nature through the machine?…”

Simon Barney

Pier 2/3 Walsh Bay, Sydney
Timber ladders and chairs, lift cage, float tanks, stainless steel cable and pulleys
7 metres high
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