Nomanslanding is a kinetic, performative and participatory artwork exploring ideas around the idea of ‘No Mans Land’.

No Mans Land is the place between two enemies, a gap of fear, an impasse. Nomanslanding is a reimagining of this space as metaphor for the vulnerability of conflict and lament for the loss and devastation of war.

The work is an international collaboration between five artists and three curators from Australia, the Netherlands, Germany and Scotland. Nomanslanding premiered in Darling Harbour Sydney (2015) and travelled to Duisburg Germany (2015) and Glasgow Scotland (2017).

Water and the history of industry and transportation in the first World War link the three sites. Water is the physical and metaphoric driver of the Nomanslanding concept and design. Water becomes the symbolic space between life and death.

A floating white dome within a square charred timber frame is split in two. After the audience has entered, it slowly draws together across the ‘nomansland’ water to unite the two sides in a shared lament performed within the ‘whispering’ acoustic space.

Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia 1st April – 3rd May 2015, Merchant City Festival, Glasgow, Scotland 13th July – 2nd August 2017, Ruhrtriennale, Duisberg, Germany 14th August – 13th September 2016
Steel, timber, PVC plastic, buoyancy bladders
Floating artwork, internal dome 10 metres diameter, 6 metres high
Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority - Australia, Glasgow life - Scotland, Urbane Kunste Ruhr - Germany

Event Engineering


Jennifer Turpin, Robyn Backen, Andre Dekker, Graham Eatough, Nigel Helyer

photo and video credits

Ian Hobbs @ ianhobbsmedia

media and downloads

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