Halo turns and tilts with the energy of the wind in a finely tuned counterbalance. The 12 metre diameter, tapered yellow ring pivots off-centre atop a 13 metre tilted silver mast. Halo’s uncanny motion plays with the viewer’s perception. The ring and arm appear at once connected and disconnected in its eccentric and undulating revolutions. Halo responds to the winds of the moment. Gentle breezes set its slow, off-centred rotations in motion, whilst gusts and eddies tip it off the horizontal to pitch and roll. Drawing upon the history of the site, Halo references the visual language and processes of the original Irving Street Brewery. Giant, circular vat structures and the repetitive stirrings of brewing alchemy are referenced in sculptural form and fluid motion.

Central Park, Broadway, Sydney
Steel and carbon fibre
Frasers Property & Sekisui House

Halo was realised through the close collaboration of the artists working with a team of specialist engineers, designers and fabricators under the direction of Jeremy Sparks, a director of Partridge Event.


Artists: Turpin Crawford Studio, Jennifer Turpin and Michaelie Crawford
Delivery: Partridge Event
Partridge Project Director and Manager, Jeremy Sparks
Partridge Industrial Design and CAD Model Contractor, Konrad Hartmann
Partridge Structural Engineers, Harry Partridge, Morgan Sheehy, Kirsten Lewis
Partridge Mechanical Engineer, Arran Gordon Partridge Project Coordinator, Reinaldo Tucki
Wind Engineering, CPP Wind Engineering, Dr Graeme Wood and Peter Bourke
Carbon Engineering, SP-High Modulus Gurit, Valerio Corniani, Thomas Basset
Lighting Engineering, Vision Design, Donn Salisbury and Ryan Shamier
Colour and Paint Consultant Contractor, Martin Bruveris
Mechanical, Structural and Destructive Testing, SPFX Australia, Rodney Bourke
Head Contractor, Innovation Composites, Mark Rowed
Mould, MouldCAM, Toby Whitfield
Structural Steel Contractors, BML Steel, Brett Laker Q.A.Engineering, Geoff Fountain
Paint Contractor, Masada Paint and Panel, Theo Katris
Carbon Fibre, Mechanical, Structural Engineering & Tender Peer Reviews: Trisdek, Matrix, Andy Dovell Naval Architects

photo and video credits

Ian Hobbs Media

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The Making of Halo

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Making the Impossible Possible - Engineers Australia, November 2012

Sydney Oral Histories Interview