In the Stream


In the Stream

Over 400 ‘creek creatures’ were suspended over the concrete stormwater canal at Clear Paddock Creek as part of the community’s participation in the Memory Line Project for Restoring the Waters. Hundreds of local school children made the ‘creatures’, depicting many of the fauna that would have lived in and around the original Clear Paddock Creek, and which might return after its restoration. The project sought to emphasise what had been lost in the past and what could be regained in the future.

The brightly coloured installation swelled and rippled in the breeze as if the creatures were swimming in a moving river - symbolically celebrating the return of life to the restored creek.

Clear Paddock Creek, Fairfield, Sydney, Fairfield’s Festival of the Waters
Cardboard, recycled materials, fishing line
50 metres long
The Australian Conservation Foundation and Fairfield City Council
Schaffer Barnsley Landscape Architects
media and downloads

Water Stories, Habitat Australia